Do Candles Really Expire? We've Got the Answers!

Do Candles Really Expire? We've Got the Answers!

We all have those candles stashed away for a special occasion. The ones we swore would light up our lives, only to gather dust. But wait, do candles even expire? Can you still enjoy the sweet scent of those long-forgotten beauties? Let's dive in.

The Shelf Life Mystery

Candles, it turns out, are a bit like fine wine. Their shelf life varies, depending on their ingredients. Paraffin candles with synthetic oils can endure for years. On the other hand, candles made from natural ingredients, like soy wax and essential oils, have a shorter lifespan. So, when should you light that candle? The sweet spot is within 12 to 16 months of purchase, but here's the twist: every candle has its own clock.

The Science of Expiry

Don't worry, candles won't spoil like milk left in the sun too long. Instead, they quietly lose their charm. The wax, fragrance oils, and dye in candles can all degrade over time, causing the candle to expire.

The Wax Tale

Paraffin wax is the tortoise in this race, known for its stability. It's like that canned food that never goes bad. But natural waxes, like soy wax, have a shorter lifespan. Just like fresh produce, they don't last forever.

The Scent Story

Candles often rely on fragrances to work their magic. Over time, these fragrances can fade, changing the aroma you fell in love with. Natural fragrances, being natural, follow their own aging path. It's a mystery only time can unveil.

The Colour Transformation

Imagine your candle as a chameleon exposed to sunlight. Candles with dye may change colour or fade over time, turning into a different aesthetic altogether.

Detecting the Expiry

If your candle looks or smells different, it's trying to tell you something. Faded color and a changed scent are red flags. But can you still light it? In some cases, yes. Burn performance and aesthetics are your guides.

Using an Expired Candle

If it still burns well and you don't mind its new look and scent, go ahead and light it up. However, some candles are beyond revival, clogged wicks and all. Time to repurpose those jars!

Longevity Secrets

Don't fret; there's hope for your candles yet. To slow down degradation, keep them away from UV light. Store them in a dark, cosy corner, and they'll stay fresher for longer.

So, before you bid farewell to those forgotten candles, give them a second chance. You never know; they might just light up your world once more.

Now that you've learned that candles have their secrets, we have a secret we want to share with you.

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