What every candle user must know!

What every candle user must know!

Before you excitedly unwrap your newest candle collection, let us introduce you to what’s called “candle memory”. So, step away from the rechargeable lighter and let us share how you can maximise your candles burn time.

Ever recall a time when your candle burns down the center of the wick? Well, this is called tunnelling and is super frustrating because not only do you miss out on using up all that wax, but your candle burns quicker which means you don’t get to enjoy all that gorgeous fragrance that comes with it.

Your first burn is everything and is the difference between a 40 hour burn time to a 10 hour burn lifetime. Ideally, you want the wax to melt to the edges of the candle jar on that first burn. This helps to maximise the burning life of your candle, so you get the best experience from it.

For our petite candles (single wick), an ideal 1-2 hours burn time should be sufficient and 3-4 hours for our indulge candles (2 wick). We recommend you plan enough time to enjoy your candle and to avoid burning no longer than the recommended burn time.

If you burn your candle longer than the recommended time, you can cause your jars to overheat and other potential candle problems to occur.  

Remember these tips next time your light up your favourite candle for the first time and maximise your candles life.


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