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Amaree Collection

Japanese Honeysuckle

Japanese Honeysuckle

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Turn your home into a springtime paradise and add a sense of luxury to your home. Like a fresh bouquet of flowers, this Japanese Honeysuckle candle is light and refreshing. With a touch of berry and citrus notes, this delightfully sweet floral fragrance will have everyone falling in love.

Perfect for any occasion, this aroma is ideal for creating a relaxing and serene atmosphere in your home or office. Discover the captivating allure of Japanese honeysuckle today and add a touch of elegance to your surroundings.

Scent Notes
Top: Mandarin, Pine needle
Middle: Grape, Neroli
Base: Vanilla, malt, jasmine, and cedar wood

Available in 2 sizes, each signature candle is hand-poured into a frosted white glass jar adorned with real dried flowers and topped with a natural bamboo lid.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Japanese Honeysuckle

    This Candle is very calming and not over powering at all. When you light it up it make your whole home feel calm and refresh at the same time. Love it.

    Elva W
    Japanese Honeysuckle Candle

    Having had the pleasure of using the Japanese Honeysuckle Candle for an entire month, I must say it has been an absolute delight. From the moment I lit the candle, it enveloped my space with a captivating and inviting aroma.
    The warmth of vanilla and malt mingled with the intoxicating floral notes of jasmine, creating a sense of comfort and relaxation. The subtle presence of cedar wood brought a grounding and earthy element, adding depth and complexity to the fragrance.
    What impressed me most about this candle was its ability to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere. It became my go-to companion during moments of relaxation, allowing me to unwind and escape into a world of serenity.
    As a lucky monthly winner, I feel truly fortunate to have experienced the Japanese Honeysuckle Candle. Its exquisite blend of mandarin, pine needle, grape, neroli, vanilla, malt, jasmine, and cedar wood created a symphony of scents that transformed my home into a haven of tranquility. I would highly recommend this candle to anyone seeking for a warm, calming, and a little bit wooden aroma for your winter.

    Penny A
    Smells amazing

    sweet but not too sweet

    Sarah Mohammed

    This candle smells amazing. I love it

    So Pretty

    I absolutely love this candle. The scent is gorgeous and the flowers floating in the melted wax are just beautiful.

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    Product Details

    Deluxe (250g) - Double Wick - 45 hours burn time
    Petite (100g) - Single Wick - 25 hours burn time

    - 100% soy coconut wax
    - Non-toxic
    - Lead-free cotton wicks
    - Premium grade fragrance
    - Hand-poured
    - Cruelty free & vegan friendly

    Shipping Information

    All our products are made to order in Sydney. (Please allow up to 2 -5 business days before dispatch).

    Care Guide & Instructions

    For the best experience with your Amaree Collection candle simply keep this in mind:

    - Ensure candle is on a stable, flat surface and avoid using in drafty areas
    - Keep away from flammable materials, children and pets.
    - Always trim your wick to 1/4” before candle is lit each time to avoid any soot
    - To avoid tunneling, allow enough time for the melted wax to reach the edges
    - Burn candle no more than 4 hours at a time and do not burn candle with less than a 1/2" of wax remaining
    - Do not allow wick trimmings or other materials to accumulate in the wax pool or a fire may result.
    - Never leave a burning candle unattended
    - Ensure candle is on a stable, flat surface away from other flammable materials